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Tails and Dewclaws

All of our puppy’s tails are docked at three days. Dewclaws are removed at the same time, for the health and safety of your dog. A minority of people prefer their dog’s tail to remain natural. We are happy to accommodate you if this is your preference, however we require the full price of the puppy be paid by the time he/she is three days old.


To crop or not to crop, that is the question! Ear cropping is simply a matter of personal preference. There seems to be no trend one way or the other. Each family must decide what they would like and be happy with. Over the years we have owned, and currently own, Bouviers with both cropped and natural ears.  We have loved them all! 

If you would prefer your puppy’s ears to be cropped we will be happy to arrange this for you, and your puppy will arrive with ears cropped. The vet we take the puppies to for ear cropping is a specialist in this area, this being his sole practice, and is quite experienced in Bouvier ear cropping.  He does it right!  (Yes, it IS different from other breed’s ear croppings!) We have been very pleased with his results.

Ear cropping requires some extra TLC for your puppy, and he must remain in our care a little longer, about a week, until the healing process is underway. In our experience the puppies take it very well, and are often known to be bouncing around by the end of their surgery day!

The charge for ear cropping is $475.00 and is due at least 5 business days prior to surgery.



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